Hello. I’m Chantelle.

I’m intensely curious, so I’m always trying to learn something. Now, I’m a graduate student pursing a Master’s in Korean Studies (with an emphasis on history, society and culture) as well as one in International Law and Organizations. But that hardly satisfies my curiosity. Besides history and legal studies, I also adore music, the hard sciences, math, languages, biking, teaching, photography, wandering my city, purchasing stationery, mailing letters, reading, writing, cats, the color green, etc. Thus, I typically have several huge projects running at once and a very full schedule.

At any rate, I am an American who has been residing in South Korea for several years. I was born on March 3, 1985. I’m Christian and I’m black.

If you want to know more, read my Bucket List and a detailed list of my favorite and least favorite things.

If you have questions such as “Why … Korea?” “What’s up with your interest in Alexander Hamilton?” or other inquiries, feel free to contact me.


General Information and Mission Statement

Callistonian.net is my cherished personal domain. It’s where I blog and post a lot of random things including: reviews, photographs, and music. Callistonian.net was registered with 000domains on February 1, 2001. It debuted in March of 2001 and is hosted by A Small Orange. WordPress powers the blog and most sub pages.

Domain Name

Callistonian.net – I love words with aerial/celestial sounds and connotations. Callisto is Jupiter’s most gorgeous moon. The term Callisto is Latin, from Greek Kallist, perhaps from kallistos, superlative of kalos. Kalos means beautiful (dictionary.com).


where always it’s Spring) – e.e. cummings is one of my favorite poets; one of my favorite poems of his is “who knows if the moon’s.” Callistonian.net’s tagline, where always it’s Spring), is a line from that poem. I love spring; I’m optimistic and blithe.


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