Bucket List

Before getting into what I’d love to do—because my Bucket List is beautifully optimistic, completely idealistic, a tad bit silly, and not necessarily in line with reality—I’m going to start with 17 things I’ve done.


  • flown a plane (I sat in the pilot’s seat while the plane was in the air and worked the yoke)
  • studied foreign languages in two different countries
  • traveled to Europe
  • did a homestay program in Japan
  • moved to Seoul
  • read many books (most in English, a few in French, a handful in Korean, and a couple in Japanese)
  • touched a page from an original copy of the Gutenberg Bible
  • took a workshop on letterpress printing
  • had an article published about me in my state’s newspaper (there was a long interview and a photographer came to my house)
  • went snowboarding
  • studied violin for a few years
  • volunteered at libraries, at charity events, at schools with underprivileged children, in two different countries, at college fairs, at a museum, at an organization that teaches adults to read, in a guidance program…
  • graduated from an Ivy League university (as a child I really wanted to do this)
  • made a robot
  • took a class on gayageum
  • booked an overseas trip for my mom
  • wrote a story that’s five hundred thousand words long or thereabouts

Bucket List (things I’d love to do):

  • take a ridiculous amount of photos (perhaps 717,013)
  • learn to play the piano well
  • → compose a song
  • learn to play the violin well
  • play one of Samuel Zygmuntowicz’s violins or a Balestrieri
  • do a front aerial
  • run a 5k
  • learn CPR
  • climb Mt. Fuji
  • visit six continents
  • take my mother on a trip to France
  • fly first class across an ocean
  • explore many museums (perhaps 150)
  • speak, read, and write in four languages at a native level (English, Korean, French, and Japanese)
  • → do an interview in Korean
  • wear a skirt or dress every day for a month
  • learn a skill that’s location independent
  • win a Pulitzer
  • get married
  • adopt a child
  • have a child
  • have enough money to live comfortably, travel, support my family, and send my children to university
  • donate one million US dollars to charity directly or indirectly
  • → pay for someone else’s education
  • participate in Mensa
  • give a lecture at a university
  • get an M.A., J.D., Ph.D., LL.M., and J.S.D. (Yes!)
  • write a nonfiction book
  • read a staggering amount
  • get a castle in France (this is a goal I created as a child—it’s silly, but why not? Every time I think of it, I laugh because it’s so random and hilarious)
  • have my own library
  • adopt a pet from a shelter
  • glorify God
  • help others fulfill their goals

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