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Three Inspirational Speeches


I had the opportunity to speak at my graduation on Friday, which was cool ♥. In preparation I watched a lot of speeches. I’m going to share three that really spoke to me. I’m amused because my selection screams things about my personality, especially about my aspirations and values.

Anyway, I hope you’re inspired, but these are long so you may need to grab some food, some tea, take a break, and/or bookmark this page and plan to come back.

1 – Casey Gerald’s Student Address (Harvard Business School 2014)

2 – Stephen Bright’s “It’s Your Moment” (YLS 2012 Commencement Address)

3 – Oprah Winfrey’s Commencement Address (Spelman College 2012)

BONUS: David Foster Wallace’s “This is Water” (Kenyon College 2005 Commencement Address)

It’s funny but this post feels quite revealing even though it’s just a sampling of great graduation speeches I found on YouTube. Feel free to share other inspirational speeches in the comments.


ExamiNation: A Short Documentary by Judy Suh

Exams are hellish everywhere, but exam hell in South Korea seemingly has no equal. If you have time, watch (some) of this video and let me know how South Korea’s education system compares to the one you’re familiar with. Thanks!

Today is THE DAY of the exam (수능) and I wish everyone taking it the best of luck.