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My Favorite Things: August 2015


I’m participating in Eirene and Raisa’s “My Favorite Things” monthly blog linkup again this month, so here are five of my favorite things from July and the beginning of August.

My Favorite Things: A Blog Linkup


This month and the last and probably the one before that too, I spent a questionable amount of time and money at cafes—I’m at a cafe right now. This is all despite my indifference towards coffee. Anyway, Tara helped me up my cafe game by introducing me to Good Afternoon, a British tea room.

There we had afternoon tea. It was lovely.






I also blogged about my love for cafes here: Things I Like 002: Cafes (2012).

Super Junior’s Devil ♥

I like classical music, Korean traditional music, and boy bands. ♥ 10 years after debuting, my favorite boy band is still going strong. In July, they released an album, which of course I bought.

Below is the main music video for the album. If you like cliched action movies, watch it as the MV is fun and basically one cliched movie plot after another crammed into 5 minutes. ^^;

Being Valedictorian

I’m giving the valediction for my graduate school this month (lol wut?!?), which is a bit scary, but if academic street cred. exists, I think this gives me some. For 3 out of 4 semesters, I studied piano on the side and worked full time because I loved piano so much there was honestly no way I would have quit and my job was great too. Anyway, I’m contemplating doing a post of unconventional and perhaps dangerous (to students’ GPAs) academic advice. Interested? Regardless, feel free to check out what I’ve already written:

Mini Favorites

Samsung Laptop

First, there’s my computer. My incredibly portable half-tablet half-not Samsung Smart PC has been amazing. Unfortunately, my beastly Alienware is misbehaving. I’ve run everything (Premiere Pro, Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom) on my little baby without any problems. I never expected this laptop to do such heavy work, but I’m so glad it can. Second, I’ve been listening to Harvard Business Review’s IdeaCast. Normally, I’m a big fan of Freakonomics, but this summer I’ve been loving HBR’s.

Harvard Business Review Press publishes the best thinking in the areas of business strategy, general management, technology, leadership, human resources and innovation. Intelligent business readers turn to us for answers to the questions they face every day, and for the guidance and debate that will have a profound impact on their lives — both personally and professionally.

I’m not a business person, but in the podcast they discuss fascinating things such as being digitally overloaded, employee perception, and social media. Anyone can listen to and enjoy it.

Cancer Research UK

I said that I would feature a different charity each month, so August’s charity is Cancer Research UK. I learned about this organization when Jem mentioned it in a post. Cancer research is obviously important. ^^

I also donated to Doctors Without Borders and, at least, for the rest of the year, I will continue doing so every month. While it’s fun to highlight a random charity, it’s also important to consistently donate. Charities have lots of expenses and in many ways dependable/steady streams of income are much better than random donations. It’s hard to plan ahead when your income is unpredictable.

That’s it for me. What have you been loving this month?


My Favorite Things: July 2015

My Favorite Things: A Blog Linkup

I’m participating in Eirene and Raisa’s “My Favorite Things” monthly blog linkup, so here are five of my favorite things from June.



2015 is the first year I’ve cared about candles, but they seem to be trending in Korea as several candle shops recently opened in my neighborhood. In June, I burned the candles in the picture: Woodwick’s Cafe Sweets Trilogy and Circa Home’s 1998 Mango and Papaya. I enjoyed both of them. Woodwick candles are fun because when the wick is lit, the candle crackles and sounds as if it were a log burning in a fireplace.

Even though I’ve used my Mango and Papaya candle several times for many hours, I’ve never actually lit it. I have a candle warmer that melts all of a candle’s wax without burning it, which also helps the candle last longer. Basically, despite being tiny and my having used it a ton, my Mango and Papaya candle looks flawless and has a lot of scent left.

I’m most fond of candles made with soy wax like Ecoya and Circa Home’s. I heard that those made of beeswax were the best because they cleaned the air and reduced allergies/asthma, so I got one, but I hate it. It’s too strong; it irritates my nose to the extent that I feel as though it’s going to bleed. How ironic.

Anyway, do you have any candle recommendations?



Summer is my least favorite season—it’s unbearably hot and humid. It also rains for a month straight. It’s just horrific. Regardless, dresses make summer tolerable and they’re fun. While I was “studying” for one of my finals, I picked up the four dresses in the image above for about $10 each at Top Ten and I love them. I wore each of them in June.

My Phone: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


My phone is beautiful. My phone’s case is purple, celestial ♥, and it holds my most important cards—it’s basically perfect. Sadly my phone isn’t perfect because of its questionable battery life. Still, it’s one of my favorite things. I miss some iOS apps, but I’m happy to be an Android user.

Doctors Without Borders

Unfortunately, I’m materialistic and my last few posts have been little more than celebrations of conspicuous consumption, so as a bit of a reality check, I’ve added Doctors Without Borders (Medecins sans Frontieres). They do amazing work all over the world. I donate to them every month. They’re just great.

If I continue participating in this linkup, which I hope I will, I’ll feature a different charity each month because if I have money for candles, clothes, and stationery, then I also have money for charity.

My Bike

I adore my bike even though it lacks a basket and a rear rack. If you haven’t seen my post about it, give it a look: My Bike and a GoPro.

That’s it! What were your favorite things in June?

*Photos (over)processed in—get ready for it—Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Pixlr and Aviary. ^^