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My Bike and a GoPro

Peanut Butter & Jelly. Reading & Writing. Umbrellas & Rain. Alexander Hamilton & the ten dollar bill.

Some things simply go together, like biking and photography.

As I mentioned in my last post, biking and photography were two hobbies I often combined. I would put my DSLR in my bike’s basket, creatively latch my tripod to the rear rack and explore the many trails in my area while stopping to take photographs along the way.

Bike Riding in Bundang Korea

But that beautiful bike—it’s in the image above—is gone (RIP) and it has been ages since I used my DSLR. Even though I love my camera, after long periods of not using it, I find that I have to ease myself back into things. It’s like an awkward reunion with a good friend I haven’t seen in a decade. I’m shy. I screw up my settings. It’s a mess.

Not wanting to deal with that, on my latest bike outing, I was DSLR-less, basket-less, selfie-stick-less, tripod-less &c. But I still tried to up my game in two substantial ways. First, I attached a GoPro. Second, I bothered to learn the very basics of Adobe Premier Pro. Thus, there’s the video ♥ Make sure you play it in HD.

I like my video because I think that what it shows is different from what most people picture when they think of Korea. At any rate, if you have any tips about filming or encoding, please let me know because I really want to learn.

Also, please let me know if you like video entries like this. Thanks!