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Stationery Haul (kikki.K)


If you’ve read my Bucket List, you’ll know that one of my life’s highlights was holding in my hands a page from a Gutenberg Bible. I love history; I’m a bibliophile; I’m a logophile. Books, paper, Kindles, letterpress printers, &c. I adore them.

So when it comes to spending vices, makeup, clothes, games, rocks, bags, whatever—they don’t really threaten my bank account, but books and stationery? They can wreak havoc. That’s a little weird, right? Regardless, I kept my addiction under control and behaved quite well for a few years. I stopped accumulating things and only bought to replace that which I’d used. For about two years, I even stopped buying things all together.

But now? In celebration of graduate school being over, I have lifted all bans on stationery purchases and indulged.

I present you with a haul from kikki.K ♥ In the comments below, let me know if books or stationery is one of your vices. If neither of them are, what is?



First, from kikki.K’s Hello Yellow Collection, I snagged a set of minimalist but still nicely designed sticky notes and a set of cheerful postcards. I hope to randomly mail the postcards to friends during the summer. I need to collect addresses, though. Want one?


You know, paper clips are useful, so why not have pretty gold round ones? The same can be said for page markers. They’re useful too, so why not have cute strawberry and grape page markers?

Stickers aren’t exactly useful, but I bought water intake stickers to encourage myself to drink more water, to track how much water I actually drink, and to give my planner some color.


The “Live What You Love” book is full of positive and inspirational stickers. Being a delusional optimist isn’t a good thing, obviously, but this book makes it easy to stick pretty and uplifting messages in places and that’s nice. Cheesy can be fun; being positive is good too.


As a lover of paper and a wannabe stationery aficionado, I couldn’t resist the Paper Lover’s Book. It’s literally a book of pretty paper that’s easy to remove and do things with. What’s not to like about that?



And finally, we come to this, the seemingly benign, but actually most extravagant item in this haul: kikki.K’s 2015/2016 Ocean Medium Time Planner. What makes this extravagant? Partly the price, but primarily the fact that I have eschewed planners and have never seriously used one of them or a calendar in my entire life—that’s more than 10,700 days. Still and rather ironically, I thought that it might be fun to use a planner as a creative outlet, since I’m slightly less busy and don’t have to worry about efficiency as much. I was also inspired by Amanda’s bullet journal post, so we’ll see. I have great plans for my planner, which I will discuss in a post later.

Do you use a planner?

*For the curious, all photos were taken in the dark with a Canon 60D and an EF 50mm f/1.4 USM lens.