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Things I Like 002: Cafes


If you follow me on foursquare, you know that I love cafes—a lot. And I love visiting them for chatting & studying. For chatting, it’s all about ambiance and what’s open late. Unfortunately, some of the cafes with great ambiance are rather expensive. They even mark up their prices because of the fancy or unique atmosphere inside—their drinks are cheaper if ordered as take out. Some of these places are really pretty: elegant designs in dainty cups served with dainty saucers, settees instead of wooden chairs, and flowers everywhere. Other places are unique. They have menus centered around one item like green tea or a jazz theme or pink hello kitty everything everywhere.

Sadly, most of the cafes with delightful ambiance close at a decent hour. This means that I haven’t been to one in a while. My friends and I are night owls with busy work lives. If a cafe closes before 12AM, it closes a bit too early for us. We can’t get there before 10:30PM (perhaps 11PM) and that just doesn’t give us enough time to get into an amusing and slightly crazy conversation.

When I go somewhere to study, I don’t care so much about ambiance. I just go to what is new, is close, and has the Internet. I like to keep things fresh, though, so I probably won’t go to the same place twice in a row. So much for brand loyalty…

As for what I drink at the cafes—well, it’s ironically not coffee. I don’t like coffee. I like tea ♥. I also like sugar, so on special occasions, I get a sugary tea, something that resembles a frappuccino, or something mildly strange like a sweet potato latte.

This entry was constructed partly at Starbucks as pictured above (iPhone 4s Camera+ app with Diana filter).


Things I Like 001: My Bike ♥

photos of my bike

Some time on Friday was spent riding, traveling roads I’ve never been, and kind of getting lost. (Getting lost is part of the fun.)

I’ve had my bike for a few months and whenever I go out I have a destination in mind, but I can’t definitively say that I’ve ever made it to one of them. Reasons for that vary. The map I glanced at before heading out gets muddled in my mind; I get sidetracked; the sun sets and I abandon course.

⅔ in jest and ⅓ in justification of my inability to get to places I’ve designated as destinations, here’s a cliché.

Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it. — Greg Anderson

Journeys on my bike have taught me a lot about—you’ll never guess—photography.

First, I learned how to use my bike as a tripod. Then, I got a real tripod. My bike is always stable, but its height is fixed and its a huge fan of angles that stray fairly far from 180/0 degrees. Anyway, after acquiring my very expensive 3 legged friend, I learned how to tie it to my bike’s basket with my bike’s lock. I subsequently learned how wonderful it is. I’ve also learned a lot of technical stuff about shutter speed, aperture, noise, etc.

There are things I’m still in the process of learning, things that I haven’t quite figured out yet. For example, I haven’t mastered the technique of filming with a DSLR while riding.

Anyway, one of my frequent destinations is the top of an oversized hill. The hill intrigues me because instead of having a path to follow to the top, it has stairs. The stairs are lit. The lights change colors. It looks like an interesting place, but not quite interesting enough for me to rush over there. Who knows when (or if) I’ll actually climb those stairs? I’ve been having fun getting sidetracked so my interest in actually getting there is limited. :)