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Timeless Thoughts: My First Selfie


Many joke about how technologically clueless their parents are. Not me—in the 1990s, my mother was a hardcore Apple fangirl. She went to Apple meetings, taught me how to do things like install ram, and was also an early adopter of a lot of tech.

Thus, I’ve had digital cameras for a long time. What’s below is perhaps one of my first digital selfies. It’s the earliest I can find, being from 1998 and taken with a Canon PowerShot. I bet some of you weren’t even born in 1998. ^^ Anyway, don’t be fooled by the lack of a mirror; don’t be fooled by the camera not being held in my hand. I set the timer.


Look at how small it is! Unfortunately, it’s cropped and I don’t have access to the original image, so it’s even smaller than it need be but it is from the ancient days of 640×480 and 800×600 screen resolutions. Regardless, back then, I enjoyed playing with cameras and taking pictures with friends. Not much has changed.

Canon is still my brand of choice. Today, I use a Canon 60D (a DSLR). ♥ Do you have any really old digital photographs or memories of taking such photographs?

For the curious, the camera in the header is a medium format (hipster ^^) Diana F+ film camera (ironically from 2012). It’s interesting and gorgeous, but film is too much work for me.

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