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Hello (Again) World!

Celebrate! School Is Over

There are lots of new things to celebrate. First, the new layout and the new post. I know—it’s been a while.

I also recently acquired a new phone. I switched from Apple to Android, because Samsung has been treating me beautifully and the Galaxy S6 Edge looked like a glorious smartphone.

Then, there’s my new bike. In the past, I combined bike riding with photography and even carried my tripod with me at times. But given that unlike my old bike (RIP), my current one lacks both a basket and a rear rack, I don’t know how or even if I’ll take my tripod on future outings. I bought a new backpack for my DSLR, so at least I’ll be able to comfortably carry it.  I also have a new-ish GoPro. Technically, I’ve had it for almost a year, but I only recently started using it. I hope to share some GoPro videos. I still like photography, obviously?

But perhaps the biggest thing is that soon, if nothing goes wrong, I should have a new degree, a Master’s in Korean Studies and International Law and Organizations. I’ve finished all of the work for it.

Here on, though, things are only half up. Slowly, it’ll come together. I will be updating with some new, some old (and some ancient, I mean 2001-2 ancient) posts. ♥

So, how have you been doing? Seriously, how are you? (Feel free to comment below.)


I’ll see you with a new post next week.

*The photo is a picture of my university. It was taken with my Samsung Galaxy S6 and processed in VSCO Cam/Pixlr.